Torch Parts
Item #DescriptionCatalog #
1PT-80 Hand Torch Head09800
1bCooling Tube09800.42
2Handle with Switch09705
3Electrode, Back Striking52558
4Swirl ring60027
5Tip, Contact Cutting, ø 0.9, 30-40A, Back Striking51310.09
6Tip, Cutting, ø 1.0, 40-50A, Back Striking51311.10
 Tip, Cutting, ø 1.1, 50-60A, Back Striking51311.11
 Tip, Cutting, ø 1.2, 60-70A, Back Striking51311.12
 Tip, Cutting, ø 1.3, 70-80A, Back Striking51311.13
7Retaining Cap60510
8Double Pointed Spacer (for use with item. 6 only)60434
N/SWrench for electrode60368
Torches and Leads
 PT-80 Hand Torch, 6m (20 ft) Leads, Coaxial Cable09820CX
 PT-80 Hand Torch, 12m (40 ft) Leads, Coaxial Cable09825CX
 PT-80 Lead Assembly, Hand, 6m (20 ft) Length, Coaxial Cable09780CX
 PT-80 Lead Assembly, Hand, 12m (40 ft) Length, Coaxial Cable09785CX
9Contact Tip, ø 1.0, 40-50A, Back Striking51311S.10
 Contact Tip, ø 1.1, 50-60A, Back Striking51311S.11
 Contact Tip, ø 1.2, 60-70A, Back Striking51311S.12
 Contact Tip, ø 1.3, 70-80A, Back Striking51311S.13
10Tip, Gouging, 80A, Back Striking51311G.16
11Shield Cup Body60511
12Shield Cap, Hand60504
13Shield Cap, Gouging60508
14Extended Electrode52558L
15Extended Shielded Tip, ø 1.0, 40-50A, Back Striking51311L.10
 Extended Shielded Tip, ø 1.1, 50-60A, Back Striking51311L.11
 Extended Shielded Tip, ø 1.2, 60-70A, Back Striking51311L.12
 Extended Shielded Tip, ø 1.3, 70-80A, Back Striking51311L.13
16Extended Shield Cap, Hand60504L
N/SCircle Cutting Attachment51853