AmigableAmprocorp USA was established in 1990 and has been dealing with manufacturing  torches, consumables and spare parts for Plasma Cutting and Laser  Cutting. The increase of our clients is the confirmation of the quality,  service and the technical support that we provide.

  • For over 20 years AMPROCORP is specialized in copper machining, by means of sophisticated tools and equipments, which let us reach and keep a very highly qualified production level.
  • Thanks to the practice resulting from our standard manufacturing, besides our thirty-years experienced technicians and the professional advice given by the most skilled people in this field, we are producing several LASER consumables, and supplying with them some manufacturers as well.
  • Our LASER parts are CNC machined, keep very accurate essential tolerances, and pass through further quality inspections for critical characteristics, to assure our customers of the top perfection.
  • We are continually updating our range of products, to meet our customers' more and more demand, and any innovation is regularly worldwide notified.
  • A large stockholding is constantly available and enables prompt and efficient deliveries. These peculiarities, together with our quality and co-operation, make our company worldwide leader.
  • Each LASER consumable is supplied in a very accurate single packaging, to preserve these articles which need more than others a peculiar handling and stockholding.
  • Besides our own range of products, on request we can manufacture any exclusive further part from print, as long as it isn' t a matter of consumables commonly requested on the market.
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